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Wearing the right size baseball cap fits perfectly on you and can free you from frustration throughout the game. People having big heads may find it hard to find smaller-sized baseball caps. A cap that fits perfectly could protect you from the scorching heat of the sun and cover your face adequately. The only drawback is that you may feel overwhelmed after searching for baseball caps online due to the number of available options. Good news? We are here to help. Fortunately, you have just landed in the right place because we have shared some options for the best baseball caps for big heads. Check out all the available options and see which one feels the most suitable.

List of the Best Baseball Caps for Big Heads:

1.     Zylioo Oversized XXL Baseball Caps, Adjustable Dad Caps for Big Heads:

This unisex sports cap offers a comfortable yet smart-looking solution to people who have big heads or players having lots of hair. This stylish oversized XXL baseball cap for big heads by Zylioo is said to protect the face and head during hot weather under the sun. Thanks to its unisex design, both men and women can use this cap and benefit from the variety of features that it offers. Furthermore, its adjustable back buckle, along with the snug deep design, can also fit normal heads.

What’s more, the sellers claim that the cap is a classic 100% cotton dad hat. The long-lasting, soft and premium cotton material also offers benefits like breathability, comfort, and lightweight. Other than using it during your baseball match, you can also use the cap regularly. Not that this hat is recommended to be washed with hands only. Furthermore, you can also customize the cap as per your preferences or make it extra special to gift to your loved ones. That’s because, according to the sellers, the cap is easy to sew a patch or embroidery, which can be a fun way of getting it personalized.

  • 100% high-quality cotton
  • Breathable
  • DIY option available
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Received a complaint for not being true to size

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2.     TSSGBL Oversized XL, XXL, Hats for Men Big Head

This baseball cap for big heads offers a wide range of sizes and colors to players with big head sizes. The oversized big hats are said to have been particularly sand-washed in order to give them a retro appearance. As a result, the cap contains an impressive look, so it doesn’t ever go out of style. In addition, the XL and XXL hats are said to feature an adjustable strap-back for ensuring the right fit, which means that more people with big heads can find it comfortable. According to the sellers, the cap has six embroidered eyelets for breathability and comfort.

Baseball is a game played on the field, which can make one feel extremely hot while playing in hot weather. By buying this baseball cap for big heads, you can experience a little less terrible while playing thanks to its material that offers protection from the sun. The super soft low, profile lightweight baseball cap not only can be a good option for summer days but also for various outdoor activities.

  • Variety of colors
  • Retro look
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Received a complaint for not having an internal structuring inside its crown to help in remain in shape

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3.     Munula Oversize XXL Mesh Trucker Hat Big Head Hats for Men:

The next option for the best baseball cap for big heads is the oversized mesh trucker hat by Munula. When it comes to the material, this cap is said to have been made by using 35% polyester and 65% high-quality cotton. The sellers also claim that the cap offers moisture-wicking features that can be helpful in keeping your head comfortable and dry. Note that this cap offers only a large size specifically, so only those with big heads should consider trying it out. Another impressive advantage of this cap is that it offers a rounded shape so your head does not appear to be big.

Some users may not find the bending degree to be ideal but don’t worry because the problem can be fixed effortlessly. As for the adjustability, this cap offers a bendable brim so that users can easily bend it as per their comfort using their hands. Thanks to the adjustable strap-back, the size of the cap can be adjusted by the metal strap to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Furthermore, the front one panel, along with the side and back four mesh panels, are said to have been designed for enhanced ventilation.

  • Quick dry and breathability
  • Adjustable back-strap
  • Moisture wicking feature
  • Pre-curved visor
  • Hand wash only

4.     Ztl Oversize XXL Baseball Cap for Big Heads:

If you are looking for the best baseball cap for big heads featuring unisex designs, here is one of the suitable options for you. The material of this cap is said to be 100% cotton, and it comes in a wide range of pretty colors. Users can choose the ideal fit as per their style and looks. Thanks to the adjustable strap back closure on the back, you can enjoy the flexible fitting of the cap, which can also lead to more comfort during your big game.

In addition, the classical low-profile cap is said to feature a 100% high-quality fine cotton fabric alongside a breathing hole design for softness, comfort, and breathability. When it comes to the design, this baseball cap for big heads offers a simple and adjustable unisex design to make the hat suitable for men and women both. For a perfect fit, you can also take help from the strap back closure and adjust the cap as per your preferences. Moreover, the cap can also be a great choice for a gift to a baseball player in your friends and family.

  • Premium quality cotton
  • Unisex simple design
  • Adjustable fit
  • Offers excellent sun protection
  • Hand wash only

5.     Flexfit Extra Big Size Caps – Size XXL Dark Grey:

This cap by Flexfit is claimed to have been the #1 selling cap of the company for more than a decade. It offers 24 different colors, so you can find the perfect shade according to your choice and style. In addition, a perfect combo of comfort and durability is also offered thanks to the patented spandex weave. The patented technology is said to weave polyurethane spandex into the sweatband as well as throughout the crown. As a result, the cap is said to provide a superbly comfortable fit.

Another impressive feature of this baseball cap is that it is said to have been designed using a permacurv PE visor for a rounded as well as athletic appearance and feel. The sellers claim that the visors come with a technology for keeping their proper curve and shape all the time. Additionally, the signature synthetic material can help the curve of the hat to be maintained. As for the texture of this cap, it is said to be wool-like to provide comfort and durability.

  • Wool-like texture
  • 100% Cotton
  • Offers excellent structure
  • Innovative technology
  • Received a complaint for the sweat stain that didn’t vanish after wash

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6.      Armycrew XXL Oversize Big Washed Cotton

This comfortable and durable baseball cap by Armycrew is an XXL oversized cap that is claimed to be the perfect hat for men who have big-size heads. According to the sellers, this oversized dad hat is capable of fitting about head size XXL. In addition, the baseball cap for big heads is said to have been designed with an unstructured crown by using 100% cotton. If you want to check out all the available styles and colors of the cap before proceeding with your order, you’d be pleased to know that the cap offers six various styles and colors. All you need to do is figure out which one would feel suitable for you.

Another great feature offered by numerous baseball caps for big heads is the adjustable backstrap for a better fit. This baseball cap by Armycrew is also said to feature an adjustable metal buckle strap closure which may be helpful for you to achieve the ideal fit. Other than that, this baseball cap also offers six panels, soft and unstructured crown, a low profile, and an inner sweatband. As for the bill, it offers a pre-curved and stiff bill with the same color under the bill.

  • Snap closure
  • Low profile
  • Six panels
  • Inner sweatband
  • Received a complaint for cheap material and too shallow

7.     BUTITNOW Oversized XXL Men’s High Crown Baseball Cap for big Head Hats

In case you still haven’t found your ideal choice for the best baseball cap for big heads, then check out our next option. This men’s baseball hat is said to have been made by using skin-friendly, high-quality, quick-drying and soft polyester fabrics. The sellers claim that the cap offers a quick dry-up even if it gets wet with light rain or sweat. Furthermore, it also offers an inner sweatband to remove sweat effectively from the face and eyes. The unique mesh material can help the heat and moisture to escape the cap easily. As a result, it may help you in keeping your cool as well as staying dry.

What’s more, the baseball cap offers excellent protection from the sun alongside the long and wide pre-curved design to cover your head, nose, front neck, and face. Furthermore, the product is also said to feature six panels, soft-structured and sift crown hats, a low profile, and adjustable metal buckle closure. As for the design, it is made to be unisex so men and women can both wear the cap. Lastly, according to the sellers, the cap is suitable for outdoor activities as well as regular daily use.

  • Breathability and quick dry
  • Offers excellent sum protection
  • Soft-structured
  • Pre-curved visor design
  • Received a complaint about getting the product as advertised

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8.     Munula Oversize Baseball Cap XXL Big Head Hats for Men:

Last but not least, we have the oversize baseball cap in XXL size by Munula. The material used in the construction of the cap is said to be premium quality 100% cotton. This cap is recommended to be washed by hand only. Furthermore, the cap offers impressive features like durability and lightweight, along with six embroidered eyelets for increased permeability. The sellers also claim that the structured baseball caps make your face appear to be smaller. In addition, this baseball cap for big heads is also said to feature an adjustable strap back so that users can adjust the size of their caps for the right fit.

As for the baseball players who play during the summer season in the scorching heat, this cap may work wonders. That’s because, according to the sellers, the pre-curved visor is capable of blocking the sun from the face. Hence, it is claimed to be the perfect choice for sports, running, travelling, camping, fishing, hiking, gardening, riding, or other outdoor activities. Moreover, it is available in six different colors, so every user can choose their preferred color as per their preferences.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Protection from the sun
  • Buckle closure
  • Adjustable strap
  • Received a complaint regarding the sides, which could have been longer


To wrap it up, buying the best baseball cap for a big head can be one of the most beneficial investments to ensure your comfort during a baseball game. A baseball cap that fits perfectly can also improve your overall appearance during the game. On the flip side, ill-fitting hats may feel awkward and not suitable to your style. We hope that our provided list was useful for you to learn different available options. Before proceeding with the order, make sure to research thoroughly to avoid getting scammed. In case of any confusion, feel free to reach out. Best of luck!

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