How to Throw a Splitter in Baseball

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Baseball is not an ordinary sport that only requires physical effort to show off the shots as much as possible. It also requires mental strength to understand every bit of a shot of the opponent team to strategize your innings. Each player in the baseball game has different strengths, as some are strikers, and some can’t make anyone stand in front of them.

You are on the right page if you are trying to get into a game and want to learn how to throw a splitter in baseball. Today we will help you learn about the splitter and lots more about it. So make sure to read us till the end.

How to Throw a Splitter in Baseball (Step-By-Step Guidance)

How to Throw a Splitter in Baseball

The splitter or split-finger ball is dangerous as it makes opponents nervous, and they can’t play it. Now you are here to learn about it, let us help you understand how to throw a splitter in baseball that will elevate your ranks as a player.

Step 1:

Splitter is more like fast bowling; if you are a fast bowler, it will be easy for you to adopt it. You must make your posture like a fast bowler and require the same power while throwing the ball on the pitch. Also, you must maintain a position the same way as you do for a fastball. Split your fingers into the sides of the ball seams and place your thumb at the bottom. The u-shaped part of the seam should be towards the front.

Step 2:

When you have a complete grip on the ball, it’s time to adjust your fingers to change your placement into a splitter. Your pointer and middle finger on top should be out and split—each on the side of a seam. It makes your fingers split in different directions. The shape of the hand should be U-shaped instead of V. To grip the ball in the splitter; your hand should be in a U-direction. You must understand the basic difference between holding a ball as a fast bowler and a splitter to make your game strong.

Step 3:

When you want to throw a splitter on the pitch, there are a few things you should take care of. Make sure you are not putting too many backspins on the ball, or your throw will be equivalent to fast bowling. Backspin will change your ball into a fast pace regardless of your position. While throwing a fastball, you don’t keep your wrist too stiff, but to throw a splitter, you have to. Throw a ball at the pitch with all your power and stiff wrist to deliver smoothly. So make sure your wrists are stiff, and you are creating a difference between fastball and splitter.

Step 4:

Many beginners mistakenly grip the ball as tight as possible to make delivery smooth. Still, on the contrary, a splitter is the opposite. While holding a ball to throw a splitter on the pitch, you need to grab it with a loose grip like you are holding something delicate in your hands. This technique will help you throw a ball with free motion, and it can easily move freely on the pitch. Holding a ball with a loose grip allows you to create enough friction in the ball. If you throw a tight grip ball on the pitch, the results will be the opposite.

Step 5:

Now that you have complete control over the ball, you should move on to the next step, aiming for the target. It’s time to prepare yourself to throw a ball at the right place to see the action. The best thing you can do is to focus on the catcher’s mitt. Aim in the right direction and move your ball on the same path. Focus on the mitts glove, and you can see the final action. When you aim before throwing and build your focus in one direction, your ball hits all the right places.

Step 6:

When you have a complete picture of where to aim, it’s time to wind up your move. Usually, beginners miss these steps when they are about to throw a splitter. If you were searching for how to throw a splitter in baseball, it’s a crucial step to follow. For the windup, follow the same steps as for fast bowling. Step back from the mount with your lead foot back and rotate half of your body to take the position. Lastly, break towards the plate and move on to the next step.

Step 7:

When you are in the windup position, you should lift your elbow to the shoulder when it’s time to throw a ball. This step makes your throw ideal and delivers the results you want to achieve. If you are left-handed, your left elbow should be above the left shoulder so your ball remains low at a pitch for better delivery. This technique will save your hands from taking unnecessary pressure on the arm, which can result in injury. If your hand is below the shoulder, your ball will bounce high without impacting an opponent.


Step 8:

It’s time for the showdown. After positioning yourself perfectly and leaving a massive impact on your opponent, throw a ball at the perfect speed. Bring your arm forward and maintain your pace while targeting the opponent. Throw a ball and keep your outside while throwing a perfect splitter in baseball. Also, move your hand with pace so that a ball can absorb energy from your body to hit the right place. Don’t forget to aim before you throw the best splitter in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it hard to throw a splitter?

Baseball is not only a game to show off your mental strength but physical, too. You must be in good shape to throw a splitter on the pitch precisely so it can work as you want it to. Yes, throwing a splitter is hard because you must understand the correct position and how to hold the ball correctly. If you are not holding the ball correctly, it will turn into a fastball. So a splitter requires practice and basic learning to hold a ball.


  1. Do you need big hands to throw a splitter?

Usually, when someone younger starts playing baseball, they are advised to build their physical strength to play better. If you have big hands, it will help in holding a ball easily. But every time, adopting the right technique works whether you have big hands. Also, you should practice throwing a splitter on the pitch before actually doing it in your game.

  1. At what age should you throw a splitter?

Baseball is one of the manly games that youngsters love to adopt even when they are kids. Everything about baseball games intrigues them, from wearing the baseball kit to learning different techniques. As a splitter requires body power and constant practice, it would be good to attempt it when your arm is mature. It will help if you try a splitter once you are 17 or 18 to save yourself from premature or severe injury. Start from the low-impact bowling before skipping to the splitter.

  1. Does throwing a splitter can hurt you?

Splitter is one of the most devastating balls to try on an opponent if it goes right. If your splitter works every time, you will be the game’s light, as no one will be able to compete with you. Also, as it requires the power of your arm, it can hurt you if your posture is not right or your muscles are not strong enough. Suppose you are not positioning correctly before throwing a splitter. In that case, it may result in straining your arm and taking time to heal.

  1. What are the hardest pitches to throw in a baseball?

Baseball is not easy; you need to play it early to become a pro. There are so many pitches people idealize to make their baseball game stronger. Still, the hardest pitches are splitter and slider. You need to develop a strong arm with lots of practice to throw both. Both are hard enough to change the dynamics of a game.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading us, congratulations, you have learned a lot about how to throw a splitter in baseball. No matter what game you’re playing, everything requires constant practice and determination. If you are new to the baseball game, keep your practice on point, and you will reach the point where people will seek guidance from you.

Once you understand how to throw a perfect splitter, you can nail every game without feeling less confident or nervous. Throwing a splitter is all about practicing and being good with time. After going through our complete guide, you must have learned a lot about the splitter, and from now on, you will only be moving to throw the best ball.

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