10 Smallest MLB Stadiums with Unique Outfield Dimensions

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Baseball is quite a unique game for various reasons. One of the reasons is that this is the only sport where the field’s dimensions can be varied according to the home team. It gives an edge to the organizations to build their team according to the park’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the San Diego Padres have been building their teams in recent years with a rotation of fly-pitchers. Similarly, the Texas Rangers and New York Yankee’s parks are known for supporting a bevvy of long-balls; they tend to recruit ground ball pitchers and power hitters to the maximum advantage from their dimensions.

MLB the Show 22 includes both major league stadiums and minor league stadiums. There are numerous factors that affect the decision to play in The Show, such as hometown, favorite team, notable memories, and more. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the smallest MLB stadiums.

10 Smallest MLB Stadiums with Unique Outfield Dimensions

  1. Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati Reds:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

The Great American Ball Park is known for being the pre-eminent “bandbox” of the Major League Parks, where the ball flies out of the park. The left-field walls have decent height, and beyond the left, the walls are short. As a result, hitting homers becomes easier. One of the smallest MLB stadium dimension of this park include left field foul pole; 328 feet, centre field: 404 feet, left field power alley: 379 feet, right field foul pole: 325 feet, right field power alley: 370 feet, foul territory: small, and backstop: 55 feet.

Furthermore, this park is also said to be a standard issue cookie cutter park having short dimensions. The dimensions of this stadium fall within the top 10 major league’s shortest distances.

The fences of this park are known for being a few feet shorter or a few feet closer only. Overall, the Great American Ballpark is said to be among the best offensive environments in baseball.

  1. Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays: Smallest mlb stadium to hit a homerun

Smallest MLB Stadiums

This smallest MLB stadium is among the strangest stadiums in professional baseball that may not have the best aesthetics. It also has some strange features, due to which the stadium has also been criticized by many people. It is said to have been outdated already after being built. For instance, it has a white roof which makes seeing pop-ups difficult. It is also considered among the smallest MLB stadium to hit a home run.

Moreover, the dome is said to be hosting some of the shortest distances in the major leagues down the line, with the right field corner sitting only 320 feet from a home plate while the left field corner is only 315. The building located in St. Petersburg may have resulted in poor outcomes in the past few years for home run park factors, but the fences down the line are one of the shortest in professional baseball.

  1. LoanDepot Park:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

This retractable roof stadium is located in Miami, Florida and is the home of the Miami Marlins, a Major League Baseball team. The construction of this stadium was completed in March 2012 for the season 2012. This stadium was also LEED certified as one of the greenest parks of 2012. Moreover, it is also the sixth MLB stadium that has a retractable roof having one of the smallest seating capacities of 37,442. That’s why it is considered the second-smallest stadium by capacity in Major League Baseball.

Several events have been hosted by this facility, including the 2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Baseball Classic matches, fundraising galas, soccer matches, and more. Due to such sustainable features, LoaDepot park is also considered among the eco-friendly stadiums around the globe.

  1. Progressive Field:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

This stadium is situated in the downtown area of Cleveland, Ohio and is known to be the home of Cleveland Guardians. This ballpark opened back in 1994 as Jacob field. Later in 2008, it was renamed Progressive Field. The seating capacity of this place is 42,865 people, but it has been modified to accommodate 34,830 people. Furthermore, this stadium also has the honour of witnessing the Guardians winning three American League pennants and ten Central Division titles. Moreover, Progressive Field is considered part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex, including Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

The overall aesthetics of this field give off professional baseball vibes, which will attract you even if you are not a baseball fan. It offers such a unique experience that one may think it’s definitely worth checking out once. This stadium has an intimate setting along with a small size. The cherry on top? They offer an up-close view of the game that you may not find elsewhere. In case you are searching for something new and different in sports to experience in one of the smallest MLB stadium, then this stadium can be worthy of your consideration.

  1. Kauffman Stadium:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

This stadium is situated in Kansas City, Missouri and is referred to as Kansas City Royals’ home. It opened in 1973 and is said to have a seating capacity of 37,903 people. Furthermore, this stadium is also known for being the sixth-oldest ballpark in MLB. The original name of this stadium was Royals Stadium, but it was renamed in 1993 in honour of Ewinnk Kauffman, who founded the Royals. In 2010, the stadium underwent a renovation of $250 million, which resulted in the inclusion of a new scoreboard, improved concessions, and a Jumbotron.

What’s more, this stadium offers unique and interesting features, such as a water spectacular that’s 322 feet wide. It was opened as the biggest fountain in the world that was funded privately. Another interesting thing about this stadium is the Buck O’Neil legacy seat program, which started in 2007. It is known that the Royals dedicated one red seat among all other blue seats to honour the legendary Buck O’Neil. At every home game, one individual is selected to occupy the special red seat to recognize their impact and contribution to their neighbours.

  1. Comerica Park:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

This stadium is considered home to the Detroit Tigers and is located in Detroit, Michigan. The stadium opened back in 2000, and its seating capacity is 41,083 people. Moreover, this stadium is among those stadiums that are the most technologically advanced in the MLB. About $300 million were spent on the building of this stadium. In addition, Comerica Park features a carousel, Ferris wheel, and an interactive fountain in the centre field.

The concourses are some of the most generous of any facility. The main concourse’s minimum width is 40 feet, along with much wider concourses on f for 544 to several areas. In addition, this stadium also features one of the biggest scoreboards as its main scoreboard. Furthermore, there are five premium seating areas. Normally, the ballparks have a point of sale for every two hundred fans.

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  1. Globe Life Field:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

Globe Life Field is yet another retractable roof stadium that is situated in Arlington, Texas. This stadium is the home of the Texas Rangers, a Major League Baseball team. This stadium was opened in 2020 and is said to have a seating capacity of 40,300 people. One of the interesting facts about this stadium is that building it cost $1.2 billion, thereby making it the most expensive ballpark ever.

One of the interesting features of this stadium is that it features synthetic grass, which is a playing surface designed especially and provided by Shaw Sports Turf. The target was to achieve the highest performing synthetic grass and the highest performing surface in baseball. Another important and note-worthy feature is the 5.5-acre retractable roof. This roof is capable of providing shaded and cooler temperatures.

  1. Target Field:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

This stadium is the home of the Minnesota Twins and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was opened back in 2010 with a seating capacity of 38,544 people. The cost to build this stadium was about $522 million. Moreover, this stadium has the honor of becoming the second Major League Baseball stadium that has LEED Gold certification. In addition, the stadium is said to feature a retractable glass door in the center field that can open to reveal the center field concourse and Twins Tower.

The target field also has a natural grass of 2.5 acres. The overall field is considered environmentally friendly that incorporates sustainability, conservation, and energy efficiency.

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  1. PNC Park:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

Home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, the PNC park is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It opened in 2001, having a seating capacity of 38,747 people. This park was designed to incorporate the three rivers of the city into its design. The facility is said to have been designed by Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum (HOK). Moreover, it is also considered the first park to have a two-deck design that has been built in the US since the completion of Milwaukee County Stadium back in 1953.

Other features of this pretty facility include 69 suites with their concourse level, mezzanine levels along with their own lounge, and club seating at both fields. Furthermore, it also features a sports bar and a casual dining restaurant offering wait services during, before, and after every match.

  1. Guaranteed Rate Field:

Smallest MLB Stadiums

Guaranteed Rate Field is the home to the Chicago White Sox and is located in Chicago, Illinois. In 1991, this ballpark was opened and was named Comiskey Park, originally after Charles Comiskey, a White Sox Owner. Later on, in 2003, the stadium was renamed U.S Cellular Field and was renamed again in 2016 to the Global Rate Field.

One interesting fact about this field is that it has been featured in three pictures: Major Leagues II, Little Big League, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Moreover, this stadium is also said to be the only stadium that features a multi-level fundamental skills area that can be used by kids to learn baseball skills.

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The Smallest MLB Stadiums – FAQs:

What are the smallest mlb stadium outfield dimensions

The smallest outfield dimensions in Major League Baseball (MLB) belong to the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park. The park has a unique configuration due to its age and historical significance, resulting in some of the smallest outfield dimensions in the league. The left-field wall, known as the Green Monster, is just 310 feet from home plate, making it the shortest distance to a wall in the league. The center-field wall is 390 feet from home plate, while the right-field wall is 302 feet from home plate. The short distances to the walls make it easier for batters to hit home runs, particularly to the left field.

Which MLB stadium has the smallest outfield?

Fenway Park is known for featuring two of the shortest outfield distances. In the right field, the foul line is shorter compared to the left field. The wall of the right field is also way shorter. The pesky pole sits only 302 feet from home plate. On the other hand, the left field foul pole is 310 feet from home plate.

What is the easiest stadium to hit a home run?

According to NBC Sports, the easiest stadium for hitting a home run in Fenway Park. Due to its short dimensions, this stadium ultimately helps batters. However, it is still not considered the most home-run-heavy stadium in MLB.

Which MLB stadium is the biggest?

The largest stadium in the USA is Dodgers Stadium, which is situated in Los Angeles, California. This stadium is the biggest MLB stadium, with a seating capacity of 56,000. The Dodgers Stadium is also known for being 57 years old, and it has seen twelve no-hitters.

What is the smallest city with an MLB team?

If you are wondering who has the smallest MLB stadium, the smallest city having an MLB team is Milwaukee, whose baseball team is called Milwaukee Brewers. Even though it’s the smallest, the Brewers have a competitive squad and a loyal fan base that has gained a lot of fame. They may not have the best available resources, but Brewers are capable of making the most of whatever they have.


As a passionate baseball fan, you would understand the importance of experiencing baseball in a large stadium with thousands of individuals. However, if you are looking for an intense experience, you can check out smaller stadiums in MLB. We hope that you like the information about the smallest MLB stadiums. Each one of them has a unique set of features, offering you a different experience.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section!

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