Why Does College Baseball Use Metal or Aluminum Bats?

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Baseball is America’s favorite and one of the most popular past time. Loads of excitement follow the outdoor sport, and one of the joys is your freedom to choose your bat, ball, accessories, pitching style or speed, etc. Furthermore, each and every variant of baseball accessories has its vivid consequences and the capacity to turn the game upside down, so one must choose the weapons considerately.

This is why everything related to the baseball game, comes with plenty of variants. Choosing the correct variant is challenging so you must have the necessary knowledge about the traits and attributes so far. In this article, we have come up with some really useful information about baseball bats. Let’s check out the different types of baseball bats and learn how they can make a difference. Why Does College Baseball Use Metal Bats and why hybrid bats have taken the place of former types of bats in modern times?

Reasons Why Does College Baseball Use Metal or Aluminum Bats?

Why Does College Baseball Use Metal Bats?

NCAA sets the rules & regulations about the type of bat for any baseball tournament. Wooden bats are legal to be used by all players in all tournaments. Yet, the metal bats have some restrictions. NCAA does not allow metal bats in the MLB due to various reasons. However, the same type of bat is allowed in a college baseball tournament. There are several reasons why players like to choose metal bats.

Bat’s ability

One of the main reasons is the bat’s ability to maintain a competitive and exciting game that will keep you on your toes. Metal bats are usually lightweight and hollow. They have a large sweet spot that increases the ball-exit speed and thin barrel walls that transfers enormous energy to the ball when the batter hits the ball. The effect is known as the trampoline effect. The ball flies further and the game becomes fast-paced. The batter hits more home runs than if he had used the wood bat. This is how the hitters get a greater advantage on the field and can achieve a higher score in the game.

Metal bats are Durable

Another reason for using the metal bat is its durability. The metal bats are super durable & lightweight so they can handle greater swings than wooden bats. They do not wear out, break, or smash like the wooden bats, so they also save the cost of frequent replacements like you would encounter while using the wooden bats. However, they are more expensive than wood bats.

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Metal bats has ease of Hitting

Another fair reason why college baseball players choose metal bats is the ease of hitting. College players are usually novice baseball enthusiasts so these lightweight aluminum bats give them a great chance to display their batting skills and outperform.

However, aluminum bats are still banned in MLBs. The trampoline effect is one of the major reasons. It makes the ball fly harder and higher, which can be dangerous if it hits the fielder or the pitcher. Moreover, Moreover, it is a disadvantage for a pitcher because it becomes easier for the batter to core higher with little effort. MLB players are pro hitters, so they can hit well with the wood bats as well.

In addition, Baseball is a traditional game where using wooden bats has been a culture. Professionals have made records and histories using wooden bats in the field, so using the metal bat will not give a fair idea of the player’s skill set. Wooden bats allow more competitive play because hitting with a wooden bat is harder than that of a metal bat, so it helps to recognize that the player with more skills.

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Types of Baseball Bats

Why Does College Baseball Use Metal Bats?
Why Does College Baseball Use Metal Bats?

The market is flooded with numerous types of baseball bats. The reason is the game’s changing dynamics, legal regulations, players’ preferences, and the type of game being played. Some players like to use heavy bats, while some go for lightweight ones. Players also choose the size, length & shape according to their hitting style & preference. Moreover, the bat allowed for one league may not be deemed suitable for the other type of league because each league has its unique set of rules that govern the type of bat to be used in the game so you must make the decision wisely. Here is a quick guide for the types of bats commonly used by baseball players worldwide.

1. Wood Bats:

Wooden bats are the most popular bats in Baseball. They are a part of Baseball’s history and tradition that has a deep impact on its rituals and records. The bats are widely used in professional baseball games due to various reasons. The bats are sturdy and are made of a single piece of wood. Typically, Maple, ash, or birch are used in their construction. They have a solid feel and produce an iconic sound on impact with the ball. However, the bats have smaller sweet spots & lesser ball-exit speed that make the game competitive for the players. It is difficult for the players to hit home runs and score higher in the game. All major leagues allow wooden bats.

2. Metal Bats:

If you want to play a fast-track game packed with excitement, then you must go for a metal bat. They are known for their enormous power so players can hit more home runs and score better than that if they had used the other types of bat.

These bats are typically made from aluminum or other alloys and are commonly used in amateur and college baseball. However, they are not allowed in major leagues and professional baseball games. They are more durable than wooden bats. There are no chances of cracking or breaking like the wooden counterparts so they also reduce the cost of replacement.

3. Composite Bats:

These bats are a combination of materials, such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other carbon fiber polymer. They are a mediocre choice and designed to provide a larger sweet spot and higher ball-exit speed as compared to the wooden bats, so hitting more home runs and reaching a higher score is easier.

4. Hybrid Bats:

Hybrid bats are a combination of wood, composite, or metal. The bats have some traits of wood, like the feel and reduced vibration, and also some traits of composite or metal material, like performance and durability.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all college baseball players use metal bats?

As we have already dug out why baseball bats are the popular choice among college baseball players, it is also important to check whether all baseball players need to use metal bats. The answer is simply no, although the NCAA allows college baseball teams to use the bat. Choosing the type of bat is entirely the batter’s sole decision, so many of the players may also choose not to opt for metal bats during college baseball tournaments.

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Why don’t college baseball players use composite bats?

Composite bats are used by baseball players in current times. However, they are subject to stricter regulations because of concerns about their performance and safety. The bats that do not meet BBCOR regulations are not allowed. The reason is that they are not meeting the standards.

Why can’t college baseball players use white bats?

White color does not have good visibility. That is why white bats are not preferable, and the players do not use them in baseball games. The visibility issues are followed by the risk of danger to the pitcher and the fielder both. They may not only miss the ball or lose the game but also pose the risk of injury. The ball is harder to track and can hit anyone in its way. This is the reason the NCAA has specific regulations governing the color of the bat. According to the rule, the color must be solid and non-reflective. It should not be white, gray, or neon because these colors are not easily visible to all the players.

Why can’t major league players use metal bats?

Metal bats are not allowed in major leagues because of the safety concern as well as the difference in performance between metal & wood bats. The metal bats produce higher ball-exit speed that can be dangerous for the fielders & pitchers as well as changes the dynamics of the game. The batters can perform more home runs and score more than if they had used the wood bats. It can alter the history and previous records made using wood bats.  

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the right bat is one of the most important concerns to ponder over. We hope this article will be of great value if you are looking for the right bat to master the game. Choose the bat keeping all the considerations in mind. Also, do share your reviews with us in the comments section and let us know if this editorial was of help to you. Cheers.

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