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If you play at the shortstop position, you know very well how your performance can become an absolute game-changer for your team. Considered among the most crucial defensive positions in the field, a shortstop can also see the whole field and direct other players’ defensive positions. Hence, a shortstop is also often called a “field general.” Other than that, the overall role of a shortstop is significant, which can impact the game’s outcome by converting a substantial portion of the infield, directing the defense, communicating with the players, and turning double plays. For such an important role, it is also essential that the player uses the best equipment. Check out some options for the best baseball gloves for a shortstop to see if you find the most suitable match.

List of the Best Baseball Gloves for Shortstop:

  1. 2023 Wilson A1000 Series
  2. SKYLINE LEXIO LX06BK Baseball Glove
  3. MacGregor Infield Training Glove
  4. WISDMERY 11.5 Inch Baseball Softball Glove
  5. Buckler Adult Baseball Gloves
  6. Valle Eagle K47 4-Finger 7

1.     2023 Wilson A1000 Series 1787 11.75 inches Infield Glove:

Wilson is among the brands that don’t need its introduction because, in the world of baseball, it is well-known. That’s why it makes sense that their gloves are listed among the options for the best baseball gloves for shortstop. The new A1000 series gloves are said to have the Pro Stock patterns seen in ballparks everywhere in sturdy, soft, and game-ready leather. The sellers claim that the gloves come game-ready, so that they might require very little break-in time. Furthermore, the gloves are also said to feature hand-designed patterns that are improved continuously by the Baseball team of Wilson.

What gives the Wilson gloves an edge over other available gloves? Well, for starters, they are said to be made after considering the input from MLB professionals. Hence, the gloves must offer fine quality for the players’ comfort and ease. According to the sellers, the gloves contain a full-grain leather shell, which means that you may find the gloves superior in durability and performance.

  • True Pro Stock Feel
  • Full-Grain Leather Shell
  • Game ready
  • N/A

2.     SKYLINE LEXIO LX06BK Baseball Glove for Shortstop

Our next option for the best baseball gloves for a shortstop is the baseball glove by Skyline. The gloves offer excellent cowhide leather and an ergonomic design to feel amazing on the players’ hands. Furthermore, it is available in two impressive colors, i.e., camel and black. According to the sellers, the product offers cowhide leather, which could be a comfortable and durable option for shortstops.

Another impressive feature offered by the product is the pro-I-web design. It was named I-web due to its resemblance of webbing with the letter I. The palm area of the glove design features two horizontal leather strips alongside a single vertical leather strip that connects them through the center. Thanks to the open web design, the players can quickly transfer the ball from their glove to their throwing hand. In addition, you can also consider this option for the best baseball glove for shortstop as a present for a baseball enthusiast in your circle of friends or family. The palm of this glove offers ease and comfort for exchanges and transfers.

  • High durability
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Cowhide smooth lining
  • Shell leather
  • Received a complaint for being too small

3.     MacGregor Infield Training Glove:

Next, another option for the best baseball gloves for shortstops is the infield training glove by MacGregor. Regarding infield training, the pancake-style of gloves are ideal. This particular glove style offers numerous benefits, which can help the shortstop level up their performance. For instance, opting for this glove may result in the infielder having better control when they field ground balls. In addition, this glove’s style may facilitate fast transfer of the ball thanks to its flat design.

What’s more, this option for the best baseball glove for a shortstop is made of leather material, indicating its quality performance and durability. One of the critical factors that one must consider before placing an order is the size. Know that this glove offers sizes for young players and can be a great addition to the young one’s baseball training kit. This option is worthy of consideration for people searching for the best baseball gloves for a shortstop at affordable prices.

  • Pancake design
  • Leather construction
  • Value for money
  • Durability
  • Received a complaint for not having enough padding

4.     WISDMERY Full Grain Leather Baseball Softball Glove:

This Wisdmery baseball glove is preferred for its unmatched feel and rugged durability. The sellers claim it is excellent for youth-adult softball, recreational, and league baseball games. When it comes to the material, the glove offers full-grain leather material, which can have a considerable impact on the shortstop’s performance. In addition, the product also provides zero-shock palm pads to ensure the shock gets reduced from hardball impact.

Another impressive feature this product offers is its overall style and unique design, making it more special and distinctive. Not only does it feature vibrant colors, but also unique threading alongside dual welting design. The sellers also claim that the product can allow users to stand out in the field. Also, you will be pleased to know that the gloves offer easy break-in to enjoy a game-ready feel. The sellers say the product comes with 80% factory and 20% player break-in. Regarding the comfort level, the glove features foam-filled fingers to make it more comfortable for the player.

  • Full grain leather
  • Easy break-in
  • Style design
  • Impressive design
  • N/A

5.     BUCKLER ‘HOP ‘Hoplite’ glove for Shortstop

If you still need to find your perfect match for the best baseball gloves for a shortstop, then check out this adult baseball glove from the Hoplite series. Regarding the material, the product offers supple leather constructed with Java steer hide. According to the sellers, Java Island produces lighter, rigid, and thinner leather due to the tropical climate. In addition, the web offered by the glove is I-web, along with the color combination of black and grey, which gives off elegant vibes.

To provide more durability, the product is said to feature additional thickness on the fingers’ back to prevent injury, such as hyperextension and sprains. Furthermore, the glove is said to have been crafted by hand entirely, using patterns that are 100% hand-oriented. The sellers claim that it is constructed with the help of the finest quality materials and the highest level of craftsmanship. As per the sellers, the craftsmanship is supported by extensive kinetic/ergonomic in-house research.

  • Supple leather material
  • Extra thickness in the fingers area
  • 80% factory break-in
  • Comfort and durability
  • Received a complaint regarding the material of the glove

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6.     Valle Eagle K47 4-Finger 7″ Infield Baseball Training Glove

Last, we have the Valle Eagle training glove as the best baseball glove for shortstop. The sellers offer you to become an elite defender by using the glove. The new Eagle K-47 is said to have been used by some top stars, including Bo Bichette. The 7-inch hybrid glove combines the Eagle 8 and Valle Eagle KK with a smaller pocket size and ready-to-go flexibility. Furthermore, the glove also offers a Velcro back to provide easy adjustment.

Furthermore, the training glove is designed for Major League players and is claimed to be great for travel players, youth, college, high school, and all-pro players. The overall design of the glove is also impressive to give you an edge during the game.

  • Flexibility
  • Impressive design
  • Small pocket size
  • Used by professionals
  • N/A

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Best Baseball Gloves for Shortstop – FAQs:

  • What kind of gloves do shortstops use?

The position of a shortstop is crucial for the game and requires much movement, so one should use the most suitable choice for shortstop gloves. The right glove will facilitate moving quickly and securing your hand from the ball’s impact. Furthermore, it can also help grip the ball well and make the most of the throws.

Although shortstop can also play using the general baseball glove, experts do not recommend it. This position requires the players to have quick agility and reflexes. Generally, shortstop gloves feature a small pocket to facilitate fast retrieving of the ball from the glove and a short throw. Thanks to their small size, players can get more maneuverability and control of the glove. In addition, the shortstop gloves also offer a closed web design that can help the players hide the ball in their glove and throw accurately to first base.

  • How do MLB infielders wear their gloves?

Typically, players wear the glove on their non-dominant hand and leave their dominant hand to throw the ball. For instance, if a player is right-handed, he would wear the glove on his left hand. The traditional way of wearing the glove is sliding the fingers into their respective stalls. However, there are other ways of wearing the glove as well.

One popular way of wearing the shortstop baseball glove is with one finger outside the glove and keeping the rest of the fingers rested in their respective stalls. Catchers and infielders often opt for this way to get extra protection/padding.

Another infamous way is two in the pinkie, in which the players place both the ring and pinkie finger in the slot for the pinkie. Then, the players keep their middle finger in the common space of the fourth finger and the index finger in the middle finger’s stall.

As for most MLB players, they don’t slide their hand right into the glove, thereby keeping a part of the palm exposed. As a result, a hinge action is created with the glove, making it an extension of the fingers and helping make an air pocket for eliminating sting.

  • Should infielders flare their gloves?

When it comes to an infielder, who includes the shortstop, they should flare their glove. The pinkie and the thumb can be flared on the glove to get help channel the baseball into the glove’s pocket. Numerous well-known MLB players also put a flare on the pinkies and thumbs of their gloves. Flaring the gloves can also help in a quick transition from the practice of batting to the gameplay. It can also help maintain ball control and increase batting accuracy.


Having the best baseball gloves for shortstop may not guarantee your team’s success, but it will undoubtedly impact how you perform throughout the match. We hope that our mentioned products were helpful for you in understanding the product better and finding the right one for you. Feel free to contact us if you still have queries. We suggest you do prior research thoroughly before placing your order. So what are you waiting for? Get the most suitable gloves and up your baseball game now.

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