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Being a baseball fan or a novice baseball player, you must learn how the parameters on which the players are evaluated. So, before moving further and discovering the fastest MLB players, let’s learn about what the 60 yard Dash is and how the prospects are evaluated on this parameter.

What is a 60 yard Dash?

The 60-yard Dash is a pre-scheduled sprint that is often used as a measure of speed and acceleration in baseball and other sports to assess the performance and capability of a player. In baseball, the 60-yard Dash is commonly used to evaluate the speed and agility of high school and college players during scouting and recruiting, as well as at professional tryouts.

The Dash is typically run on a straight, flat surface, and the runner starts from a standing position. The timing starts when the runner begins to move and stops when they cross the finish line at the 60-yard mark.

The 60-yard Dash is considered an important test of speed and agility because it requires a combination of acceleration, top-end speed, and proper running technique. It can be used to assess a player’s ability to steal bases, cover ground in the outfield or infield, and make quick turns and changes of direction on the base paths.

Who has the fastest 60 yard Dash in MLB?

The fastest 60-yard Dash in MLB is recorded as 5.98 seconds. The distance was covered by Carl Lewis in 1983, and till now, no one has been able to break this record. The second on the list is Calabasas, California, who manages to run the 60-yard Dash in 6.15 seconds. He performed this home run in the 2019 Perfect game national showcase. The 20-year-old player made the magic happen and efficiently performed and got selected San Diego Padres with the 13th pick of the first round in 2018

How fast can you run 60 yards?

60-yard Dash is considered the most reliable parameter to assess the all-purpose ability of baseball players. This measure is also used to evaluate whether the player in the other position will be able to serve and contribute to the special team if needed because the time taken to cover this distance presents how smart the player is, how strong his feet and how well he can avoid the potential injury. This is why this parameter is used widely to find the player who can succeed at other positions too.

We can’t tell you the definite speed because it is a relative figure. The fastest speed and how fast one can run 60 yards depending upon various factors such as age, fitness level, gender, etc. A healthy adult male can typically run 60 yards in around 6.5 to 8 seconds, while a healthy adult female can run it in around 8 to 10 seconds. However, it’s important to note that individual running speeds can vary greatly and may be influenced by factors such as training, genetics, and environment. Professional players and the known top athletes are proficient in running, so they can run 60 yards in a straight line efficiently. However, some runners can also sprint down after catching the ball.

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What to look for when evaluating a prospect on a 60-yard Dash?


When evaluating a 60-yard dash, there are several key factors that coaches, scouts, and recruiters should look for. Let’s have an in-depth view.

  • Acceleration: The ability to quickly and explosively accelerate from a standing start is critical in a 60-yard dash. Look for a runner who can quickly generate power and get up to speed within the first few steps. They would tell the evaluation committee how active & physically fit the player is.
  • Top speed: Speed, along with the ability to maintain that speed, is critical. While acceleration is important, so is top speed. Look for a runner who can maintain higher speed throughout the entire 60-yard Dash and doesn’t slow down toward the end.
  • Technique: Proper running technique can make a big difference in a 60-yard dash. Look for a runner who has good form, with their head up, back straight, and arms pumping in a controlled and coordinated manner.
  • Agility: Agility and quickness can also be important in a 60-yard dash. Look for a runner who can change direction quickly, maintain balance while running at high speeds, and accelerate out of turn.
  • Mental toughness: Running a fast 60-yard dash requires focus, determination, and mental toughness. Look for a runner who is able to stay focused and perform well under pressure.
  • Overall, when evaluating a 60-yard dash, it’s important to consider a variety of factors, including both physical and mental attributes, in order to get a complete picture of the runner’s abilities.

The fastest Players in MLB right now

Here is a quick view of the fastest players in baseball;

1.       Bobby Witt Jr., shortstop, Kansas City Royals

2.       Corbin Carroll, outfielder, Arizona Diamondbacks

3.       Trea Turner, shortstop, Philadelphia Phillies

4.       Garrett Mitchell, outfielder, Milwaukee Brewers

5.       Bubba Thompson, outfielder, Texas Rangers

6.       Jose Siri, outfielder, Tampa Bay Rays

7.       Eli White, outfielder, Atlanta Braves

8.       Jorge Mateo, shortstop, Baltimore Orioles

These players are known for their speed and agility on the field and have all been clocked running the 60-yard Dash in under 6.5 seconds. It’s important to note that while speed can be an important asset in baseball, it is just one of many factors that contribute to a player’s overall performance and success.

Wrapping Up

In baseball, running speed is a critical asset for players in a number of positions, including outfielders, infielders, and base runners. So, you must work on your running speed because it is a critical asset for players in a number of positions. I hope this guide will be of great value to you and you will have a better understanding of why speed is important in baseball sport and how the players are evaluated for speed.

See you in the next editorial. Cheers.

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