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When I came to know about Jobe’s exercise, I thought I must know about the background and why they are different from the rest of the exercises suitable for baseball players. So, here is an informational excerpt from my research about  jobe’s exercises for baseball players. I hope it will be useful for all the baseball players out there.

If you are a baseball player and often feel the strain on your shoulders after the game, Jobe exercises are a safe way to carry out a workout. This workout is known as Jobe’s exercise because it was introduced by Frank W. Jobe, who was a team physician of the Los Angeles baseball organization and also an Orthopedic. People often ask why Jobe’s exercises are supposed to be different. It is because lightweight dumbbells are used in the exercise to strengthen the shoulder muscles.

Why Jobe’s exercises are good for baseball players?  

The exercise strengthens shoulder muscles and connective tissues. They are recommended to baseball players, especially pitchers, because the throwing motion puts a lot of stress on their shoulders and joints. To reduce the impact and support muscles, this workout is really beneficial and brings a positive impact on players’ physical health. Here are a few effective arm & shoulder exercises for baseball players.

Exercise targeting the Rotator’s Cuff muscles

Jobe’s exercises for baseball players

A baseball player, especially a pitcher, rotates his arms often. This rotation may be internal as well as external. The rotation of the arms usually takes place when the pitcher throws the pitch or in the acceleration phase. In both phases, the rotator’s cuff is impacted. So, Jobe introduced two types of exercises to strengthen the rotator’s cuff.

Sidelying External Rotation Exercise

Use the bench to perform this exercise. Lie on the bench on the opposite side of your throwing arm in the way that the throwing arm is at the side of your body and the elbow is bent to 90 degrees. Hold a lightweight dumbbell in the throwing hand and keep the elbow fixed to the side. Raise the arm slowly and then lower it down to the position where you started from. Repeat the same exercise.

Sidelying Internal Rotation

Lie on the bench at the side of the throwing arm and bend the elbow to 90 degrees. Now lower the forearm a bit and then raise the arm to the chest. Now lower the arm slowly to the starting position. Repeat the exercises to achieve your target.

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Jobe’s Shoulder Exercises for baseball players

Here are a few jobe’s arms & shoulder exercises for baseball players.

Jobe’s exercises for baseball players

Shoulder Flexion

You can perform this exercise while standing as well as sitting on a chair. Keep your thumb pointing up and your elbows straight. Raise your arm until they get parallel to the ground. Repeat the exercise again. This exercise works many muscles around the shoulders. It strengthens the muscles and does not cause undue stress or injury to the muscles.

Shoulder Extension Exercise

Lie flat on the bench in a position where your face is pointed toward the ground. Place one arm on the bench to balance the body. Place the other arm perpendicular to the floor. Hold the dumbbell and lift the arm back until it reaches the hips, keeping the elbow straight. This exercise is used in physiotherapy to prevent shoulder injuries and improve the range of movement.

Horizontal Abduction

This exercise is great for strengthening your shoulder and upper body muscles. It works traps and deltoid muscles. To perform this, lie down in the same position on the bench same as you did in the shoulder extension exercise. Now lift one arm up till it gets parallel to the floor. Make sure that you may not lift your arm higher than your shoulder. Now, go back to the starting point and start again.

Shoulder Abduction Exercise

Stand on the floor. Straighter your arms at your side with hands holding dumbbells. Lift your arms up, parallel to the ground, to the height of your shoulders. Make sure your arms are straight. Return to the starting position slowly and repeat the same exercise


Stand straight with your elbows extended on the side. Now raise your arm slowly to the level that it reaches shoulder height and makes 30 degrees angle. Now, return to the position you began with and repeat this exercise.

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Shoulder Shrugs

This exercise imitates the shrugging posture. Stand straight with your arms on the sides and fists clasped. Lift your shoulders to the ears and return. This exercise is very easy, and you can do it anytime.

Jobe’s exercises for baseball players

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What are jobe’s exercises?

Jobe exercises are introduced by the famous physiotherapist Frank W. Jobe. This protocol contains a set of exercises that are used to work shoulders, arms, and upper body muscles. The exercises are performed using lightweight dumbbells and are great for baseball players or beginners who want to start off with a lightweight and easy-to-perform exercises.  

  1. How exercise improves productivity and your brain function?

Exercise is good for your overall health. It is not just about toning a few body muscles. It stimulates the new mitochondria inside your body cells and gives you more energy so you can become physically more energetic and active. Moreover, it also gives energy to your brain and improves your mental health.

  1. What muscles do baseball players need to work out?

Baseball players need to tone a lot of body muscles. These muscles include shoulder and arms muscles, glutes and hamstrings, upper back muscles, abdomen, and core muscles.

  1. How often should baseball players work out?

On-field training is a good idea. However, you should limit your workout to 2 to 3 sessions of 30 to 40 minutes per week.

Wrapping up

Exercise is the key to keeping yourself active and healthy. One must undertake a recommended exercise regime. Every exercise is not suitable for every person, and it may cause negative implications. However, Jobe’s exercises are safe and impactful for baseball players if they want to strengthen their shoulder muscles.

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