Best BBCOR Bats for Contact Hitters – Buying Guide

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When it comes to contact hitting is among the valuable skill-set for any team. Regardless of the level you are playing at, being a strong contact hitter will always be helpful for the team’s performance. Being capable of hitting every field and squaring up moat types of pitches is going to be sought after by all coaches and levels. Since the game has changed because of the pop and performance standard of BBCOR, manufacturers are now aiming to design more bars specifically for contact hitters. That’s why you should check out the below-mentioned options for the best BBCOR bats for contact hitters.

As for a suitable baseball bat for the contact hitter, it can be one that is easy to swing, balanced, and provides optimal swing control. There are two main types of BBCOR contact hitter bats: two-piece composite and one-piece-alloy models. Each of them comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. So, keep on reading to see if you can find the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters based on your preferences.

Best BBCOR Bats for Contact Hitters:

1.     DeMarini 2022 The Goods One Piece (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat:

This BBCOR baseball bat is claimed to be “stronger than ever” by the sellers. The one-piece bat offers a massive barrel of X14 alloy along with additional mass near its end cap. This bat is said to have been designed to put the player’s 80-grade power on full display. According to the sellers, this one-piece design mirrors the wood feel while delivering a huge explosive energy transfer. In order to maintain the performance of the barrel, the Tremor End Cap is redesigned and made using stronger materials so players can easily demolish their incoming pitches.

If you are looking for the best BBCOR bat for contact hitter that provide control while playing, then you may want to consider checking out this bat. That’s because the sellers claim that this bat is designed for maximum control as well as increased swing speed. As a result of maximized control and higher swing speed, this bat offers lightweight performance. Furthermore, you can also experience an enhanced speed of the bat as the bat is said to have been composed of lightweight composite material. As per the sellers, the bat is designed for players who prefer light-swinging bats for massive swing speeds.

  • X14 alloy barrel
  • Tremor end cap
  • Offers maximum stiffness
  • Stronger material
  • Received a complaint for not getting a good pop

2.     Guardian X Stringer BBCOR Baseball Bat:

The Guardian BBCOR bat is said to boast a maximum size of a 2 ⅝” barrel and offers a balanced swing weight to provide a perfect combination of control and pop. The sellers claim that this aluminum baseball bat is created for hitters who look for explosive power alongside smooth swing. Furthermore, the stinger BBCOR bat is claimed to provide next-level performance by offering the signature power-loaded barrel technology. In addition, the baseball bat also provides a detailed design that can make you feel more confident. As for the colors, this bat is available in three different colors nß

What’s more, this BBCOR baseball bat offers a pro-inspired handle having a slight taper alongside an ergonomic knob shape for catering to the styles of all players. According to the sellers, that bat is approved for middle school and high school. In addition, the bat is also said to include a soft feel and high tack hexagonal grip to provide optimal grip control. Lastly, the sellers claim that this bat has one of the most well-known in terms of weight and size options.

  • Maximum grip
  • Offers balance and power
  • Power-loaded barrel technology
  • Pro-inspired handle
  • N/A

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3.     Easton Project 3 Fuze – 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat | 2019:

The project baseball bat by Easton is said to have been designed by Easton Advanced labs and offers the most technically advanced lineup that the brand has ever launched. In order to provide an optimized barrel, the bat has been rebuilt with advanced materials, innovative technologies, and optimized barrel profiles. In this way, not only does this increase leverage, but it also generate explosive power and provides a solid feel. Furthermore, the one-piece speed-balanced BBCOR bat is designed using an ATAC Alloy barrel that is reinforced with Carbon-Core technology for creating the thinnest walls in your game and pushing the performance.

Another great feature offered by the baseball bat is the new patent-pending power boost technology. A softer design of the knob offers hitters more power potential and leverage along with the reduction of vibration to ensure more comfort in the bottom hand. In addition, a stiffer and lighter composite end cap offers an increase in barrel trampoline along with a speed-balanced feel. Other than that, the VRSCOR handle insert can help reinforce the handle for a solid feel in your hands.

  • Optimal barrel design
  • Speed-balanced swing weight
  • VRSCOR handle
  • Power boost knob
  • Received a complaint for getting dented too easily

4.     Louisville Slugger BBCOR Baseball Bat for Contact Hitters:

This baseball bat offers an optimized sweet spot along with an unmatched feel. An RTX end cap can be helpful in providing a longer barrel shape along with a patented VCX technology in order to provide an independent movement between the handle and barrel while providing an unmatched feel on contact and controlling vibration. The all-new BBCOR baseball bat is said to have been built on the legacy of the most consistently high-performing bats that have been made by the manufacturers.

In addition, Vex technology can be helpful in creating a unique feel for both contact hitters as well as power hitters. Furthermore, the avc microform composite barrel is designed to provide perfection. As per the sellers, it can facilitate you in creating swing weight as well as a sweet spot. As for the VCX technology, it is described as an elastomeric connection for an independent movement between the handle and the barrel. In addition, the sweet spot and barrel share can be maximized by the premium rat end cap design. Furthermore, the premium LS pro comfort grip offers a perfect blend of cushion and track.

  • Vex vibration control connection system
  • Balanced swing
  • Premium LS pro comfort grip
  • Optimized swing weight and sweet spot
  • Received a complaint about the grip coming apart

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5.     DeMarini 2020 Voodoo Balanced (-3) 2 ⅝” BBCOR Baseball Bat Series:

Here is an option for the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters that offers durability. According to the sellers, this baseball bat offers lightweight performance alloy that is designed to provide maximum durability and pop. The construction of this DE Marini innovative technology is said to feature an alloy barrel as well as a composite handle to provide improved bat performance and speed. Furthermore, its streamlined design can be helpful for greater feel and weight control while working on the reduction of vibration and redirecting energy back into the barrel.

Another important feature mentioned about this product is its reaction end cap. According to the sellers, this baseball bat has been built with a combination of lighter and stronger materials. The end cap can be helpful in increasing barrel performance without having to sacrifice swing speed.

  • 3Fusion connection
  • X14 alloy barrel
  • DeMarini innovative technology
  • Reaction end cap
  • Received a complaint for poor durability

6.     Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat for Contact Hitters:

The bat that, according to the sellers, has caused the BBCOR to transform now joins the Senior League lineup of the Louisville Slugger for the first time. The 2021 Meta offers a balanced and powerful three-piece composite bat for aspiring young superstars at the Senior League and USSSA levels. In addition, the EKO™ composite barrel is said to have been designed to the pinnacle of performance. Furthermore, a three-piece construction is said to feature the patented VCX™ connection system that is combined with the innovative barrel design, resulting in a baseball bat that is light-swinging and provides incredible pop and an enormous sweet spot.

Furthermore, thanks to the patented 3FX connection system, the bat offers a “stiff” feel on contact. The swing speed and barrel length are maximized with the help of the Premium GT1 end cap. In order to provide the ultimate combination of power and swing speed, the bat also offers you a balanced swing.

  • EKO compost barrel
  • Premium GT1 end cap
  • A patented 3FX connection system
  • Premium LS PRO comfort grip
  • Received a complaint about the bat’s cap coming off after a year of usage

7.     True Temper 2022 HZRDUS BBCOR Baseball Bat:

True temper offers this 1-piece hybrid BBCOR bat with Axenic technology that can seamlessly connect the EVMAX alloy barrel and the SMARTPLY handle without having to use the traditional connection joint. As a result of removing the joint, the HZRDUS is said to be able to eliminate unnecessary bonding weight, improve durability, maximize pop, and reduce barrel lag. Furthermore, the composite handle is claimed to have been built using the SMARTPLY composite layup for optimized carbon fiber angles in order to make the perfect marriage between vibration dampening, balance, and industry-leading impact strength.

Moreover, the design of this bat can help in providing less mass in the taper area and more in the barrel to provide more distance and momentum. If you are not sure about the correct size of the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters, you can search from the range of size options. The sellers claim that they offer more size options compared to any other brand of bat available in the market. This is an interestingly impressive factor because the fitting can greatly impact your performance at the plate. In addition, the True Temper baseball bat also offers a 120-fit guarantee. If you don’t feel satisfied with the bat’s performance, you can get it exchanged for another size baseball bat without additional charges.

  • AXENIC technology
  • Composite handle
  • More size options
  • 120-day fit guarantee
  • N/A

Best BBCOR Bats for Contact Hitters – Buying Guide:

You may think that getting the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters is easy, but the reality is completely different. Buying the right baseball bat with all the features that you want at a reasonable price is not as effortless as it may seem. Not to mention that online shopping comes with a risk of scams that you need to watch out for. Furthermore, you may also be feeling quite overwhelmed by the number of features offered by each product. So, which one is the best choice?

The best choice may vary from person to person. Not all players can be satisfied with the same baseball bat. In order to find out which one is the right baseball bat for you, listing down your preferred features can be helpful. Once you know which factors are essential for you, finding the right fit will become easier. So, come on! Let’s go toward a detailed journey of the buying guide to see what factors to focus on.

What to Look for While Buying the Best BBCOR Baseball Bat for Contact Hitters:

Grip and Handle:

Having a grip is directly related to having control of your baseball bat. One must have full control of their bat for optimum results. If you don’t have a great grip over the bat, you are less likely to control it while playing. As a result, not only will it impact your overall performance, but your team may also suffer because of you. In addition, the bat won’t be worth anything if it cannot provide a proper grip.


Another important factor is to decide if you want a one-piece bat or a two-piece one. When it comes to one-piece bats, they are known to be stiffer and can transmit vibration when you hit the ball with them. On the other hand, two-piece bats are easier to swing and lighter as well.


BBCOR bats are available in a wide range of varieties in terms of material. Even though the BBCOR bats are also made using wood, a majority of these bats are made using either composite or aluminum material.

For aluminum material, these bats are made by using aluminum entirely and come in a one-piece design. Usually, they are not quite expensive as compared to composite bats. However, you may find them to be heavier with a little trampoline effect. On the bright side, they don’t require any break-in period, which means you can use them right out of the wraps. Moreover, the bats also offer classic pop while hitting them with the ball. In addition, these baseball bats can turn out to smash hitters when used by power hitters. In case you rely on hitting force and your prowess for hitting the baseball, an aluminum bat may be just what you need.

When it comes to composite bats, however, they are among the most popular types of BBCOR baseball bats. That’s because composite bats offer numerous advantages along with optimum results. The bats that are designed using composite material also offer a larger sweet spot, due to which the players are able to hit the ball harder as well as farther with more convenience. In addition, composite parts also provide a great trampoline effect. However, one disadvantage of this material is that it requires breaking in before providing the desired outcome. In addition, they may also be more expensive compared to aluminum bats.


When it comes to weight, baseball is usually not discussed in terms of their weight. Instead, they are described in terms of weight drop. Now how is the weight drop any different from weight? Well, weight drop is an entirely different concept that is measured by calculating the difference between the length and weight of your bat. Hence, it refers to the overall feel of your baseball bat.

According to the rule, BBCOR baseball bats need to have a weight drop of -3. What it means is that the bat’s weight minus its length should result in a difference of 3. For instance, if your bat weighs 3O ounces and its length is 33 inches, the weight drop of such a bat would be -3. As the BBCOR bat’s weight depends directly on its length, finding the right weight would become more convenient once you successfully determine your bat’s length.


While searching for the best BBCOR bats for contact hitters, you may have noticed that the length of these bats is between 31 to 34 inches. However, if you have good research skills and are able to dig deeper, you can also find BBCOR bats with a length of 29 or 30 inches. Selecting the right length of your BBCOR baseball bat is crucial. If the length is right for you, it will provide you with perfect momentum for swinging your bat and being able to smoothly hit incoming balls without losing your balance or incurring any wrist injuries. Furthermore, the right length will also allow a player to channel their hitting prowess truly into the barrel, thereby allowing them to hit farther as well as harder. In order to find the right length, you should consider your own height.

Balanced Vs. End-Loaded:

Among the available bats, more are balanced compared to the end-loaded ones. As for the balanced ones, their weight is distributed evenly throughout the complete length of the barrel to ensure a faster speed. End-loaded baseball bats, however, have more weight toward the barrel’s end. They can serve power-hungry hitters who are planning to blast the ball over the fence.

One-Piece Vs. Two-Piece Bats:

While some bats are designed to be one-piece, and others are made two-piece, both of them serve different purposes. Each player has to choose between the two in order to find the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters. The main difference between these options is how much energy transfer and flex the bat will provide.

One-piece Bat: they can be described as a complete piece of metal. When making contact, there is a little flex or give in the baseball bat. As a result, it is little to no loss of energy. This can be significant for a powerful and balanced swing. However, it can often cause stinging in the hitters’ hands when poor contact is made.

 Two-piece Bat: this kind of baseball bat is created by fusing a handle and barrel together. As a result of the split design, the bat provides more flex in the swing, which leads to a faster bat speed. The two-piece bat may also be capable of withstanding more vibrations, which is a good option for hitters who want to restrain the stinging feeling. How the bat feels in the batter’s hand is important to understand if that is the right choice. That’s why you are encouraged to practice swinging the baseball bat by trying it from the nearby store. If everything feels good, you can place an order online for it.


There are numerous accessories available for the baseball bat that may add further value to the performance or simply make you look more stylish. For instance, if your bat grip is letting loose or you simply want to change to a different style, you can change the wrap yourself. If you are looking to enhance the grip, you can apply Gorilla God or pine tar. Use a pro hitter or change the bat taper for a better hold of your bat. In case you want to train the swing, you can try putting the bat weight around your bat for a faster swing.

Best BBCOR Bats for Contact Hitters – FAQs:

What bats are the best for contact hitters?

Some brands that offer bats for contact hitters include DeMarini, Easton, Louisville, etc.

Do BBCOR bats have less pop?

BBCOR bats don’t have less pop compared to USABats. As a matter of fact, BBCOR bats are likely to have more pop since they are heavier compared to their USABat counterparts.

Final Verdict:

Now that you have learned some options for the best BBCOR bats for contact hitters, we hope that it helped you find the right one for yourself and was helpful in enhancing your knowledge. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out and ask us. Don’t forget to do thorough research in order to save yourself from any scam.

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