These are the Best size Baseball Bats for 10 Year Old

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When you think about playing baseball, hitting is one of the most fun parts of the game. That’s not only true for adults, but children, especially those around ten years of age, look forward to every at bat during the game. As parents or guardians, we want to see our children enjoy every aspect of their lives, including academics as well as sports. That’s exactly why we should ensure the availability of the best equipment for them to play with. The quality of a baseball bat can affect the way a child performs. If you are looking for the best baseball bats for 10 year old, you may have come to the right place.

Below are mentioned some of the options for the best baseball bats for a 10-year-old. You can also buy it as a gift to any sport-loving children in your family on special occasions, such as their birthdays, Christmas, etc. But before buying, you should look for the best option, as there are several sellers selling baseball bats. How would you know which one is ideal for you? Well, reading about the features in detail may help. So, read the below-mentioned options for baseball bats that you can buy for a 10-year-old.

6 Best Baseball Bats for 10 Year Old Players:

  1. Easton Typhoon USA Baseball Bat



This baseball bat by Easton is the first one on our list. This baseball bat comes in two different combinations, which are Red/Black/Grey and Green/Blue. Both color combos are great, which your child will also love to play with. Furthermore, use of this bat would be a valuable addition to your child’s bat collection as it is made for young baseball players.

According to the sellers, the size of this baseball bat is 27 inches, and it weighs about 15 oz. Moreover, there are other sizes and weights available for this bat, including 26″/14 oz, 28″/16 oz, 29″/17 oz, and 30″/18 oz. In addition, this bat has a 1-1 4″-barrel diameter, which, as per the sellers, is ideal for young baseball players.

This baseball bat also offers other important features, such as balance and durability, as it is constructed by using ALX100 Military grade alloy with concave end cap. There are several features that should be considered before searching for the best baseball bats for a year old. However, you also need to make sure that the child plays comfortably. This bat is said to have a cushioned Felix Grip of 2.2 MM to offer comfort during bathing. In addition, the Easton Typhoon Baseball bat is said to have been certified to be played in all baseball leagues in the USA.

  • Certification
  • Comfort
  • ALX100 Military Grade Alloy construction
  • Sporty appearance
  • Received a complaint for having too much vibration after hitting.
  1. Franklin Sports Teeball Bat BaseBall bat for 10 years Old


According to the sellers, this baseball bat is designed to be used by young players. If your child wants a wide barrel to easily make contact with the ball, this bat might be a good choice for them. There are different colors available for the bat, including black, green, blue, and white. Although all themes are pretty and vibrant, the one with the monochrome theme is quite classic and has sporty vibes.

There are numerous sizes available for this bat, including 24″/13 oz, 25″/14 oz, and 26″/15 oz.

The material used in the construction of this baseball bet is aluminum alloy. This durable material, according to the sellers, was designed for increased pop and high-performance while being easy to control and lightweight for the kids to handle.

What’s more, to it is that the bat comes with batting tape around its handle that offers optimal grip. This is important considering the smaller hands of children that need support to easily control their bat. Furthermore, putting a swing on the ball can also become easy with an extra strong grip.

Lastly, the bat is said to be USA Baseball approved. According to the sellers, it has been tested rigorously to meet all standards of USA baseball. It has been approved to play league games. Considering the features, this bat can be ideal for the best baseball bat for a 10-year-old.

  • Extra strong grips
  • USA Baseball approved
  • Big barrel
  • Durable
  • Received a complaint for cheap construction and dents.
  1. Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat


This baseball bat is said to be ideal for kids of 10 years or under. According to the sellers, this baseball bat by Raptor delivers balance and power. The sellers also claim that it is ideal for young players who are playing entry-level games to learn more.

The weight of this bat is about 1 pound, due to which it can be used for playing a speedy game. Furthermore, it also offers a smooth swing and maximum sweet spot due to the 2-¼-inch barrel. The bat also offers durability by using alloy for construction. Moreover, the bright color combinations used in each design will make your young player stand out in the crowd. The available size of this bat includes 26-inch, 27-inch, 28-inch, 29-inch, and 30-inch.

  • Quick bat speed
  • Smooth swing
  • Durable and responsive
  • Vibrant colors and unique style
  • Some users pointed out the misleading descriptions given about this product.
  1. Easton Speed USA Baseball Bat


If you still haven’t found the best baseball bat for 10-year-old, then maybe you should check out this one by Easton. As per the sellers, this baseball bat is manufactured using ALX50 Aerospace-Grade Alloy. Thanks to the selection of material, this bat offers a stiffer feel and maximized power. Other than the size 26″/16 oz, this bat is also available in various other sizes. In addition, the sellers also claim that this baseball bat’s design has been tried and tested and that it is ideal for players having all levels of skills.

When it comes to batting during a baseball game, one needs to be able to have a balanced swing path. Another note-worthy feature of this bat is that it offers comfort by offering a cushioned 2.2 mm flex grip. Comfort is very important in any sport, as you cannot play your best shot if your bat is not comfortable in your hands. In order to make sure your kid plays effectively without feeling hurt or uncomfortable, a comfortable grip is quite necessary. In addition, this baseball bat is said to have a forged concave end cap. This can be helpful in providing a balanced swing path. Lastly, this item is certified for playing in all the baseball leagues in the USA. Hence, if you want to buy a baseball bat having an impressive appearance and quality features, you should consider buying this bat.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Elegant design
  • Tried and tested design
  • Certified for playing in the USA.
  • Forged concave end cap
  • 2 MM Flex Grip
  • Received complaints for being heavy
  1. 5. Marucci CAT-10 USSSA Junior Big Barrel baseball for 10 years old


Marucci sports is said to be operated and founded by former and current big leaguers. As per the sellers, this brand is dedicated to providing quality sports equipment. This baseball bat by Marucci is yet another example of a classic design. However, this bat has numerous features other than just an elegant appearance. For instance, it has a multi-variable wall design to create an expanded sweet spot. Furthermore, players can also enjoy consistent, clean, and traditional swings as, according to the sellers, this baseball bat provides all three of them.

Furthermore, the baseball bat is also said to feature a second-generation AV2 Anti-Vibration knob. Due to this feature, players can experience less negative vibrational feedback. In addition, better durability, thinner barrel walls, and a higher response rate are offered by including the strongest aluminum in the batting line. If you think the mentioned features are among your preferred features of the best baseball bat for 10 year old, you should definitely consider buying this after thorough research.

  • Elegant design
  • Aluminum material
  • Micro-perforated soft-touch grip
  • One-piece alloy construction
  • Available in different sizes
  • Received a complaint for getting dented the first day.
  1. Easton Pink Sapphire for 10 years old


Last but not least, we have another Easton baseball bat with a remarkable design. This color can become your daughter’s preference due to its cute theme and pretty design. However, that doesn’t mean this bat cannot be used by a boy. Who said that pink is for girls only? Both genders can enjoy playing with this baseball bat in case they find all the necessary features that they are looking for in this bat.

According to the sellers, the baseball bat is constricted for youth fastpitch softball players so they can perfect the swing. Furthermore, ALX50 Military grade alloy is used to provide long-lasting play and ensure extended durability. In addition, this baseball bat is also said to have ultra-thin handles with measurements of 29/32″. An all-sport grip is included to provide cushioned comfort in different weather conditions. A lightweight baseball bat that can help your young players in making better contact with their balls. Lastly, this item is available in two different color combinations: white/pink and pink/grey.

  • Attractive design, especially for girls
  • Lightweight
  • Different sizes available
  • Approved for all fields
  • Concave end cap
  • Received a complaint for being dentable.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Undoubtedly, there are several choices available in the market when you look for a new baseball bat for your 10-year-old. You’ll find several brands claiming to provide you with the best baseball bats for 10-year-old; which one is really the best? Well, it depends on the preferences you have for the features like design, size, weight, etc. Not all baseball bats would be the right choice for you, even though they offer a pretty good deal. Always research thoroughly to see what features to look for in order to buy the best baseball bat.

What to look for in the best baseball bats for 10-year-old?

Some of the primary factors to consider while searching for the best baseball bat are grip, weight, and length. Having a comfortable grip will help your child play without getting hurt. You can also consider bats with a grip made of leather, along with a durable end cap. Furthermore, the weight of a baseball bat also affects the performance of a 10-year-old. It is important to know what size is right for your athlete. They should be able to hold the bat shoulder level with one arm for 20 seconds. That ensures the proper weight for them to swing athletically.  So, it’s better to go with a weight in which your kid plays comfortably.

What type of bat should be used by a 10-year-old?

There are various options for baseball bats for a 10-year-old player. For instance, you can look for wood bats, composite bats, hybrid bats, and alloy bats. All of the options have their pros and cons. As you can read the above options, many people prefer alloy bats for their young players.

What is the ideal size of the baseball bat for a 10-year-old?

The optimal baseball bat sizes for a 10-year-old range between 27″ to 30″ with a drop of -10. However, you don’t necessarily have to go with the size as they may vary from a player to player.


We hope that you found the above-mentioned information helpful regarding the best baseball bats for 10-year-old. Getting your athlete, a good-quality baseball bat with comfort and balance can really be a game-changer for their performance. Hopefully, you may have chosen the right option up until now. However, if you still feel confused, continue doing your research until you find the best bet. That’s much better than giving away your money to scammers.

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