How Long is a Minor League Baseball Game

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Baseball is the most prevalent and popular Game in the United states. So, if you are a baseball lover and going to take it professionally in the future, then this article would be of great value to you.

Baseball Leagues are categorized into various levels, i.e., Major Baseball League, Minor Baseball League, Independent Baseball, College Baseball, Adult & Semi-professional baseball, amateur Baseball Leagues, High-school baseball leagues, and Youth Baseball.

Minor League Baseball is widely played in mid-sized cities in the United States. The league competes at a level below Major League Baseball. It allows players to practice and develop baseball skills to play for the major leagues. These Minor leagues are the members of the body named Minor League Baseball (MiLB), which is operated by the Commissioner of Baseball in the US. Minor League Baseball pyramid is categorized into the classes of AAA, AA, High-A, A, Short-Season A, Rookie-Advanced, and Rookie.

Coming to the length of the Game baseball game is quite long. However, game lovers enjoy every bit of it. The duration is not specific because it depends upon the length of an inning, while the length of an inning depends upon the speed of its players. Moreover, the duration of Minor League Baseball is different from major league baseball, so stick to us and find out how long is a minor league baseball game.

How Long is a Minor League Baseball Game?

Minor League Baseball Game

The actual duration of a minor league baseball game is impossible to assess. However, we can try to fairly estimate the duration on the basis of the average length of innings. The Game consists of nine innings, and it nearly takes 3 hours on average, but the duration may vary due to various factors.

The duration exceeds the average if the scores tie after nine innings. The main reason why the time of the Minor league baseball game is not fixed is the absence of a time-regulating mechanism. To address this issue, the board has newly introduced a 20-second pitch clock so that the time of the Game may be reduced to some extent.

20-second pitch clock

A 20-second pitch clock is used to regulate the length of time of innings. The clock is presented on a board so that the players may see it clearly and pitches the ball to the catcher within the specified time. According to this pitch clock, a pitcher has only 20 seconds to pitch the ball. In this way, officials tried to turn the Game into a favorable flow to avoid the excessive length of innings and to promote a reasonable pace of the Game. This is how the dynamics of the Game have been changed.

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How Long is a Baseball Game on TV?

Baseball is an interesting game. However, it is quite long, but it never lets you feel boredom. The Game starts with a pre-game show as well as a post-game one, so the Game goes with it. The pre-game show starts 30 minutes before the Game starts, and the post-game show ends nearly 30 minutes after the show. The content usually includes the interview with the players or coach and a small wrapping-up celebration. One should plan the watch party accordingly.

To estimate the average time a minor league baseball game takes, we made extensive research. The average game duration in 2017 was 3 hours and 32 minutes, and in 2016 the Game took 3 hours and 25 minutes. The Game comes on TV with a lot of advertisements, so If you find the Game boring and long, you can always fast forward the advertisements to save your precious time and retain an interest in the Game.

Minor League Baseball games’ time duration matches with that of Major league baseball a lot. However, it varies slightly. It does not have that instant replay system like major league baseball. It is because the Minor league game is not played before numerous cameras like the Major League game. This factor impacts the overall length of the Game because it eliminates the chances of an instant replay, so it reduces the Game’s time considerably.

Factors that influence the length of minor league baseball games


The number one factor that influences the time duration of the Game is the Players. They play a critical role in extending as well as cutting off the Game’s duration. Each Game has two types of players, i.e., the Pitcher and the Batter.

Minor League Baseball Game

The pitchers largely influence the pace of the Game. Some pitchers are way quicker, and they prepare to pitch swiftly, while some take their time to pitch the batters. The longer the time they take, the greater the time it will take to finish the Game.

Studies reveal the average time of pitching and overall game duration has increased during the last ten years. Moreover, the pitcher is not the only factor; the batter can also call for a time while playing, so the pace of play slows down when the umpire calls for time. Some batter also takes time in between pitches to prepare for the next pitch, which also lengthens the Game.

The players who take a very long time to pitch or prepare for pitching are said to cause human rain delays in baseball. The phrase came into existence due to Mike Hargrove and Steve Trachsel. Mike Hargrove used to take a very long time while batting to get ready for the next pitch. On the other hand, Steve Trachsel was a Pitcher, and he used to take really long gaps while preparing for pitching.

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Another considerable factor that impacts the length of Minor league baseball games is the weather. Especially the rain delay. Moreover, High temperatures and windy weather can also impact its length. Direction and speed of wind can also turn the Game into a certain party. If the wind is blowing out, then more home runs and base hits will occur, which will lengthen the Game. When it comes to temperature, cold and warm, both weather conditions will increase the time duration of the Game.


Ties always prolong the baseball game because the teams will have to play extra innings in order to reach the final winner. However, it will increase the length of time considerably.


Wrapping Up

So, these were our findings about how long is the Minor league baseball game and what are factors influence the length of the Game. We hope it has fairly addressed your concern about the length of the Game.

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